Welcome to Minisceongo Golf Club! (We Have Recently Closed For Business)

From 18 holes of Championship golf, to private dining and banquet facilities for special events, world class watersports like kayaking. Minisceongo Golf Club offers amenities for every occasion…

One of the premier private golf clubs in the Hudson Valley, Minisceongo boasts a unique private golf membership program and also serves as the perfect venue for golf outings and special events, such as banquets, cocktail parties, bridal showers, baby showers, small weddings, business meetings, sales seminars, and more.

Minisceongo is a member of the Club Max family of golf clubs. Learn more about Club Max.


Additional Services – Water Sports

We provide a service to ferry our visitors off the the nearest lake where they have the ability to partake in an assortment of different watersports and injoy the cottage life. For a list of some of the watersports we offer please see the information below.


Jet-skiing is a great activity for the whole family I remember the first time I rode a jet-ski I was on cloud nine the machines we offer are of the highest grade. If your afraid of safety issues they are minimal if you wear a life-jacket not much can happen to the person but you can destroy the jet-ski that’s why we have insurance that covers them in case of accident. The age of riding is over 13 years of age though we recommend 16 or 18 as a minimum since the younger rider is usually a bit more risky!

Signing up is easy we have 4 different machines available on the lake so we have enough for the whole family to go on a ride just let us know ahead of time and well take you over there without any issues.


Tubing is a great sport where a boat takes you out on the lake and drags you from behind on a tube. This is incredibly fun especially for kids, just think of it a sport where you dont have to do anything. Thats right everyone get lazy after a day of golf why not just sit back and get dragged around on the water in a tube.


For kayaking we offer many different options of which well cover below but the regular kayak and recreational kayak are very popular for some of our users. These types of kayaks are more universal they dont have the kayak fishing accessories the other models come with but they do come with a kayak paddle and different kayak accessories. When your on the lake sometimes you want a bit of a workout and the kayak is perfect for this it can great work your arms and if you decide to opt for a pedal kayak you also get a hefty leg workout.

We have a few models of kayaks on the shore thanks to www.kayakerguide.com they provided a few models for us to test you can find some of their guides below.

Pedal Kayaking

Pedal kayaking is one of the newer types of kayaks, it lets you control the kayak with your feet as opposed to the traditional arm movements or you know what you can do both! This makes kayaking both more fun and more accessible to the normal user. The extra benefit for this is extra space to partake in kayak fishing since you can keep your hands dedicated to the rods.

Choosing the right pedal kayak is hard but it could be easier since the staff at kayakerguide have come up with a nice list which we are going to link to below.

Kayakerguide | See Pedal Kayak Guide Here

Inflatable Kayaking –

Inflatable kayaks are also a new invention in kayaking do you think if the inuits and natives who first created kayaks had access to a blow up version they would even waste a second lugging their heavy wooden canoes and kayaks over vast distances? Ofcourse not. These inflatables are surprising durable and of a high quality. They dont puncture easily and are perfect for the lake environment.

Here at scion we have 4 different models to choose from provided by kayakerguide and at the end of the day if you want to purchase one we have access to any models you may be considering.

To choose the right inflatable kayak you need a bit of research to help you the team at kayakerguide have given us permission to post their guide.

Best Inflatable Kayaks @ kayakerguide.com website

Kayak Paddles –

You can find a guide to choosing a kayak paddle thats right for you here once you have chosen your kayak. Obviously we will supply these but at the end of your run if you want to buy one we can point you to the right dealer. Kayakerguide | See Paddle Guide Here


We also offer a range of different boats if kayaking is not your thing feel free to take a ride on one of our touring boats.

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